Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Once ago there an Dayak Iban whose name was Libau and welknown with his nickname RENTAP, the hero for the Dayaks Iban tribe in the State of Sarawak, Malaysia, located at the western part of the Borneo Island.
Libau bensumbar (nickname) Rentap was born at a longhouse in the Skrang River, and Skrang River was a part of river branch in the Batang Lupar River in the Sri Aman Division (previously known as the Second Division) of Sarawak, Malaysia. The river mouth of the Skrang River was situated not far from the Sri Aman Town (previously known as Simanggang).
It has its sources in Bukit Sadok, a rough little mountain with its summit of which is about 2,725 feet above the sea level and located next to the Padeh River, a small river branch from the Batang Layar River , in the Batang Saribas in the Betong Division about 300 kilomiles from Kuching the state capital of Sarawak. The nature of the country in the area was very rugged with plenty of rapids, some chains of white cliffs and dense jungle. Bukit Sadok can be reach by road now a days proceeding to Rumah Panjai Merunjau by driving along the Ulu Padeh Road, Betong. Its a rough gravel and muddy road passing by a deep jungle.


  1. Tuai,

    Enti ulih nuan tau ngerintai semua penau, peneleba, penemu sereta bekau pengingat nuan dalam mayuh pekara ngena jaku Iban ngambika nyemetak agi dibacha. Enda mayuh kitai Iban bisi penemu, mayuh cherita lama tau dipekunsi ungkup nembiak rebak baru kediatu. Kami tetap nyukung nuan.

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