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One the Dayak Iban war leader named Dandi whose nickname was “Gasing Gila” which meant “A Mad Spinning Top” in the Iban language. Dandi “Gasing Gila’ was a loyal Dayak Iban war leader to the White Rajah . Rajah James Brooke was suspecting that Dandi “Gasing Gila “ was collaborating with the rebellious Dayak Iban war leader named Libau RENTAP.
In April year 1854, William Brereton who defended the fort at Nanga Skrang was organising a war expedition against Dandi “Gasing Gila”. When Dandi “Gasing Gila” heard the news , he summoned all the bravest Dayak Iban war men in the Batang Saribas for the battle against William Brereton and his followers. The Dayak Iban war men that he summoned was including Aji “Apai Limpa”, Linggir “Mali Lebu” and many other principal war leaders of the neighbouring areas to help him in the war.
The White Rajah Tuan Muda (Young Prince), Charles Brooke also brought along his war men from Lingga and joined by another group of war men from Kuching and they all proceeded up the Batang Skrang River to fight for the battle against the Dayak Iban war leader Dandi “Gasing Gila.” Along the journey William Brereton war men was passing by some dangerous rapids when they reached a point called Tanjung Lipat, where they have no choice but to leave their war boats (Bangkong / Perahu Pengayau) behind.
After a one day long journey walking on foot from Tanjung Lipat toward the longhouse of Dandi “Gasing Gila”, then William Brereton ordered that all the Europeans and all the Sarawak Malays war men should remain behind, while all the Dayaks Iban war men should be sent forward under their chief to do the attack in the battle against Dandi “Gasing Gila.
The longhouses of Dandi “Gasing Gila” was situated at the backbone of a hills some considerable distance away from where they are going to strike the attack. The Dayak Iban warriors at Dandi “Gasing Gila” longhouse were ready to defend themselves against the attack. At dawn on the third day, the advancing war men of Tuan Muda make a quick movement to reached Dandi’s “Gasing Gila” longhouses and make their battle attacked without any body giving an orders. As their leaders mounted the wooden ladder , they were struck off one after the other by hundreds of war men dressed in their fighting costumes headed by the whole of the Batang Saribas warriors.
The war leaders of Tuan Muda’s war men had to retire to guard those who were wounded and died , while the Dayak Iban warriors in the Dandi “Gasing Gila” longhouses yelled shoutly with cheered and beat their gongs happily as they win the war battle against the White Rajah Tuan Muda war men. The girls and women dressed in their best costumes were seen clapping their hands with loud shouted and encouraging their husband and sweethearts to take and chopped as many heads of the dead White Rajah Tuan Muda war men as many as possible.
As the longhouse of Dandi “Gasing Gila” was well defended by the bravest fighting men and warriors, the White Rajah Tuan Muda’s forces could not win the battle at all. They had to retreat to their base camp with many dead and wounded war men. The White Rajah Tuan Muda, Charles Brooke and William Brereton war expedition to destroy Dandi “Gasing Gila” and his war men was thus a total failure.

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