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Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang was a principal leader of the Saribas Ibans before the arrival of the White Rajah named James Brooke. Dana Bayang received his title “The Orang Kaya Pemancha” from the Saribas Malay leaders who were the representatives of the Sultan Of Brunei.
Dana Bayang was described as a small, plain looking man, brave and fierce. His body was scarred with the spear wounds. His longhouse was located on the Padeh River, a branch of the Btang Layar River not far from the Betong town. Dana Bayang had six sons and three daughters. Three of Dana Bayang sons , namely 1) Nanang, 2) Aji, and 3) Luyoh were often mentioned in the history and Dayak Iban story of Sarawak, and the most famous among three of them all was “Aji Apai Limpa.
Very little was known about Libau Rentap as he was an ordinary man during the early part of his life, except that he was said to be famous when he was being appointed as a Manok Sabong or a fighting man (meant in the Iban language) for the Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang.
As a war leader (Tuai Kayau) amongst the Dayak Iban community by that time , the famous Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang have led many successful war sea expeditons (Ngayau) along the coast of Sarawak towards the Sambas Territory, in Pontianak and beyond the surrounding areas of the Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.
During one of these raids (Ngayau) in the year 1837 in the Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia (the then Dutch Territory) Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang captured a one arm iron cannon belonging to the Dutch which was commonly know until now a days as Bujang Timpang Berang and bearing the mark 1515. This historical cannon is still on display at the gorund floor of Fort Lily in Betong, Sarawak.
Libau Rentap, as a famous fighting man (Manok Sabong) of the Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang was a very brave figthing man and he always joined him in these sea war expeditions (Ngayau) When Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang was old, Libau Rentap was taking over as the commanding officer and he led a number of similiar raiding sea war expeditions (Ngayau) to Sambas and Pontianak, Indonesia
During one of these raiding voyages Libau Rentap attacked and killed a boatful of Sambas people, one of them who was the nephew of the Sultan Sambas whose “Kris” was identified by its golden handle was looted by Libau Rentap. From that incident, Libau RENTAP’s name became famous and was recognised by the Dayak Iban Skrangs as their great war chief.
The Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang was died of smallfox in the year 1845. He was one of the most fmous Dayak Iban chief and war leaders in the Saribas area. He also known as one of the Dayak leaders who fight and rebel against the ruling of the White Rajah James Brooke as he don’t want to pay the taxes and being governed by the foreigners.
After their great defeat by James Brooke at the notorious battle of Beting Maru during the night of 31st July, 1849 which was led by the Dayak Iban war leaders named Linggir Mali Lebu of Saribas and a Malay war leader named Abang Apong of Beting Maru, and possibly Libau RENTAP of Skrang, all the Dayak Iban living in these rivers were divided into two parties.
One party was sided with the White Rajah, while the other which consisted of the prowess, the warriors, the wild and the fiery bloods under the leadership of Libau RENTAP and Aji did not submit, but continued fighting against the White Rajah by his own forces.

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