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After the death of their famous brother Aji Apai Limpa, the other two well known brothers named Nanang and Luyoh, the sons of Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang strongly supported Libau RENTAP. They built a stockade at another ridge below the fortress of Libau RENTAP’s at Bukit Sadok.
According to the written record, Libau RENTAP had descended from his strong hold on the Bukit Sadok and he carried off a young girl and made her the Rani of Bukit Sadok.
It was resolved in September, 1861 that the Sarawak Government Forces under the command of Tuan Muda Charles Brooke should finally attack Bukit Sadok for the third time. Thus on 16th.October,1861 the war expedition was ready to go up the Batang Saribas and destroy Libau RENTAP. In addition to the usual party of the Malays and the Dayaks there were also some twenty Chinese labourers to make their paths through the thick jungle and to carry a large twelve pounder brass cannon specially cast for the ocassion in Kuching. The cannon was given the name of “Bujang Sadok”. It is still on display at the Police Museum in the Fort Margherita in Kuching.
On the 20th.October,1861 the Sarawak Government Forces led by the Tuan Muda Charles Brooke sent two messengers (seruan), named Jabu and Ngadan of Bangat, Betong to summon Nanang and Luyoh to a meeting which led to their submission. Their submission was accepted by Tuan Muda Charles Brooke on condition that they would pay a fine of forty valuable ceramic jars named “Tajau Rusa”. The ceramic jars were retained by the Government of Sarawak at Skrang Fort for three years. Nanang and Luyoh kept their promises and remained loyal to the rule of the White Rajah. Eventually the ceramic jars were returned to them after that.
When Libau RENTAP heard about the two brothers of Nanang and Luyoh had surrendered without consulting him first , he was very angry and sent down a party of his men to burnt down their longhouses which was closed to his fortress at the Bukit Sadok.
The Tuan Muda Charles Brooke detailed sixty men to carry the twelve pounder brass canon named “Bujang Sadok” up the mountain of Bukit Sadok It took them four hours to reach the summit of Bukit Sadok, fortunately Libau RENTAP did not attack them on their way.
At half past four in the morning of 28th.October,1861 the “Bujang Sadok” was placed in position ready for action to destroy Libau RENTAP. But due to a dense mist at that early hours the cannon could not be used. When the mist was cleared away after half past seven, a strong wind came and rendered the rocket useless. Later on “Bujang Sadok” was put into action but after the seventeenth round , the carriage gave way. However, it had done part of its duty in tearing away certain parts of the stockade of the Libau RENTAP Bukit Sadok fortress.
Libau RENTAP returned the fire with famous one armed iron cannon named “Bujang Timpang Berang” which was formerly belonging to Orang Kaya Pemancha Dana Bayang, the father of Nanang and Luyoh. According to the story , Libau RENTAP’s gunner was killed by a shot from “Bujang Sadok”. His blood soaked the gunpowder which put “Bujang Timpang Berang” out of action.

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