Wednesday, November 25, 2009


After the death of Dayak Iban Warrior named Aji Apai Limpa, the large group of the Sarawak Forces erected a small stockde at Nanga Sungai Langit. From Nanga Sungai Langit they pushed on to the Nanga Tiga at the Upper Layar River. Nanga Tiga meant the three river mounth, which one of it flows from the Bukit Sadok, one from the watershed where rises the Kanowit River and Julau River, and the third main the Layar River.
Here the Sarawak Forces left their long paddle war boats and erected a stout stockade. Then they moved advanced up-country with Tuan Muda Charles Brooke who was in command of this second Bukit Sadok War Expedition in the year 1858 to defeat and capture the strong and bravest Dayak Iban War Leader Libau RENTAP. From Nanga Tiga they proceeded to Ulu Julau to attack Mujah “Buah Raya”. Here they defeated Mujah “Buah Raya” and they burnt their longhouses and destroyed the surrounding padi fields belonging to the Ibans. It was indeed a barbarious act by the Sarawak Forces. Women and childrens suffered greatly due to the loss of their homes and padi fields, and also their staple food.
After the return of the ravaging party , the Sarawak Forces marched toward Bukit Sadok. In this expedition they carried along a small mortar with them up the mountain. After half past ten in the morning they reached the summit of Bukit Sadok. Libau RENTAP and his war men were ready to defend themselves against the attack. The attacking party had erected a small stockade within firing distance from the Libau RENTAP fort. They fired fifty rounds of shell which made a little effect on the well fortified fort. Libau RENTAP had not returned the fire, and the place seemed to be deserted.
Then some of the Tuan Muda Charles Brooke men have already moved very close to the stockade and then Libau RENTAP and his war men opened fire on them. The Libau RENTAP stockade was too strong for them to attack. Then some of the war chiefs on the Tuan Muda Charles Brooke side begged him to stop attacking Libau RENTAP, saying “We cannot pull down the planks with our own hands, we cannot climb over them and our small gun and musket shots make no effect on them.” Thus they decided to abandon the attack. The retreat began at once. This made Libau RENTAP felt more hilarious and he mocked them by saying “Bring all your fire guns from England and we are not afraid of you.” He and his men threatened and followed the retreating party down the hill with the discharge of guns, spears and poison arrows.
Thus ended the Second Bukit Sadok War Expedition. It was again a total failure on the part of the White Man. Their mortar seemed useless as it could not penetrate and destroy Libau RENTAP’s fortress which was impregnable. He won the battle and the White Man made no further attempts on his fortress until the year 1861.

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